Bio-Cremation Services

If you’re anything like us, you don’t consider yourself an “owner” of your pet, any more than you think you own the people in your life. You are so much more to your pet; an important member of their life. And they trust you to make the big, hard decisions which need to be made on their behalf.

One of those decisions involves choosing the way you will care for their physical remains upon their passing. While it may feel natural to bury a pet in your backyard or other private property, there are often local regulations which restrict this option.

For many families, there is only one choice open to them: pet bio-cremation. Whether because of county or city ordinances, or personal preference; bio-cremation meets a growing community need for appropriate final care for their pets.

Understanding the Process

The process of pet bio-cremation uses water and potassium hydroxide to return the body to it's basic element of bone ash. Sometimes these are referred to as “ashes”, or “bio-cremains” –a word blended from “bio-cremated remains”.

Basically, we offer three types of pet bio-cremation services. Communal bio-cremation, where your pet is bio-cremated along with a number of other animals, the ashes are not returned. Semi-private bio-cremation, where your pet is bio-cremated along with others but partitioned, you will receive only your pet's ashes back. Private bio-cremation, where your beloved animal companion is alone in the vessel.

Communal bio-cremation is a dignified way to care for your pet, especially appropriate if your family prefers not to receive your pet’s cremated remains back. In this process, several pets are bio-cremated together and the resulting cremated remains are scattered, or buried by staff members. Please contact us for pricing.

Semi-Private bio-cremation or also referred to as "individual" or "partitioned", several pets are present in the vessel during the bio-cremation process, and the specific remains of pets are returned to their owner. You can be assured you will receive only your beloved pet's ashes back. Please contact us for pricing.

Private bio-cremation is the right option if you wish to have your pet’s bio-cremated remains returned to you. This allows you to take some time to consider how you would like to memorialize your pet. Perhaps you’d like to keep your pet's ashes close to you, in a decorative or personalized urn.  Or you may choose to scatter them somewhere of importance to you and your pet. You may also choose to let our staff scatter their ashes in a dedicated memorial area. Contact us for further details.